Bucharest in one day

The goal of the “Bucharest in one day” project is to promote the cultural and touristic heritage of  Bucharest in an enticing fashion, by marking three routes that cross the areas with the richest historical and artistic load.Why did we choose to start this project? Because, aside from the need for a comprehensive travel guide, Bucharest lives through its details, it’s less known stories, its sights with a rich historical background, and through lucruri care s-au rătăcit odată cu trecerea timpului.  Because only a few people take the time to stroll around the city, and see in it the „Little Paris” of old, and because when a foreign tourist asks what there is to see in Bucharest, he gets the same superficial answer, with the same sights, almost every time. Nowadays, Bucharest is seen by its inhabitants as having very few touristic and cultural attractions. The history of a city is nothing more than the collective sum of the stories of the people who lived here, the stories which defined their existence. This is why we consider that revealing the forgotten or untold stories of Bucharest, talking about the destinies of fascinating people, highlighting places which still talk about the past, are all steps that we have to follow in order to understand and love the city. Let’s give the city a chance. This is where it all begins…

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