Maria Mihaiescu (Mita Biciclista) House

Just across the street from Amzei Church rises the house that belonged to Maria Mihăescu, a residence counting among Bucharest’s most beautiful old houses. The richly decorated façades were designed in 1908 in Art-Nouveau style by architect N.C. Mihăescu.

Considering the social rules of her times, Miţa (Maria Mihăescu by her real name) was a truly non-conformist person. Her passion for bike strolls along Kiseleff Avenue where she was often accompanyied by Prince Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Romania, or along Victoriei Avenue stunned and deeply troubled Bucharest’s high-life. Journalist Ranetti, whose advances she firmly refused, nicknamed her Miţa Biciclista (Miţa the Wheelwoman – a nickname that would quicly became famous and last for decades). On the other hand, Miţa was a charmingly beautiful woman, a heart-breaker courtesan desired by many. King Manuel of Portugal even proposed her, but, according to the contemporary account of Barbu Solacolu, her choice was doctor Minovici. It was rumored that her imposing residence was nothing else than a gift from a rich lover, presumably Prince Ferdinand himself, although she never admited this fact as true.

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