Sindrofie la sosea

On the 18 an 19 of September 2010, in Kiseleff Park(the Foisor area) took place the „Sindrofie la Sosea” event, phase of the Bucharest in one day project.

With this event the first two pedestrian routes were marked, wich follow the old Victoria Avenue and Kiseleff Road, a good opportunity to bring to light old habbits learned from the world of the elite.

The marked routes are not other than a street guide, intended to guide the steps of the  people who love to stroll and see the beautiful places of Bucharest, to the views and houses that reflect through stories the life of those who lived here and shaped the image of the city.

The Master of Ceremonies of the event was Cosmin Tudoran, which has embodied the old merchant of stories Cilibi Moise, famous person of the old times, “un tip în adevăr popular şi pe drept cuvînt, care făcea totdeuna senzaţie” after the saying of Ion Luca Caragiale.

„Sindrofie la Sosea” 00 printr-un scurt eveniment de presă, în cadrul căruia Ruxandra Soare, Managing Partner Bright Light, Acad. Razvan Theodorescu onorific president of „Bucharest in one day” project, Andrei Ioan Chiliman, Mayor of Bucharest’s District 1 and Steven van Groningen, CEO Raiffeisen Bank, presented the „Bucharest in one day” project, thus opened the first two routes.

Over 1000 Bucharest’s inhabitants came to the park, attracted by the chanrming atmosphere of the old Bucharest. Hosts and guides on the routes were volunteers in period costumes, a circus band brought good joy, the master chef Adi Hadean reminded us how the “micii” (a traditional Romanian food, also known as “mici”, which literally is a plural form of small”) were made in 1920’s, the Corcova wines gave flavour, and the Classic Brass band maintained the atmosphere.

The Bright Light team thanks all of the sponsors and parteners for their generosity and openness with which they supported this event and also for the undivided suport on the Bucharest in one day project, an important step to knowing the cultural heritage of Bucharest.

Echipa Bright Light mulțumește tuturor sponsorilor și partenerilor pentru generozitatea deschiderea cu care au sprijinit acest eveniment și de asemenea suportul nemijlocit pentru susținerea proiectului Bucureștiul într-o zi, un pas important pe calea cunoașterii moștenirii culturale a Capitalei.

Revealing the forgotten or untold stories of Bucharest, talking about the destinies of fascinating people, highlighting places which still talk about the past, are all steps that we have to follow in order to understand and love the city.

Let’s give the city a chance. This is where it all begins…