Kiseleff Road

Victoriei Square — Kiseleff Road— Village Museum — Charles de Gaulle Square — Aviatorilor Blvd. — Zambaccian Museum Street — Emile Zola St. — Andrei Mureşanu St.— Sofia St. — G. Demetriade St. — Aviators’ Monument — Aviatorilor Road— Alexandru Alley — Atena St. — Varşovia St. — Quito Square —  Londra St. — Atena St. — Modrogan Alley — Aviatorilor Blvd. — Victoriei Square.

The first route that will be described in the following lines is intended to guide the visitor along two of Bucharest’s most famous “roads” (boulevards), commonly known today as Pavel Dimitrievici Kiseleff şi Aviatorilor. In the past these two had many other names. Main routes of northern Bucharest, large and bordered by tree-lined sidewalks, interrupted by picturesque rounded squares, starting and ending in wide-open squares, the two boulevards are traditional venues for promenade lovers .

The route is presented chronologically with the main spots of interest reflecting the emergence and develompent of the two boulevards including the neighbouring residential areas. The route starts from Victoriei Square, follows the Kiseleff Boulevard beyond the Arch of Triumph to the Village Museum then turns back along the alleys of Herăstrău Park to reach the rounded Charles du Gaulle Square. A large detour to the left takes us at the beginning of Aviatorilor Boulevard which will guide us some 250 feet towards south. We make a left along Muzeul Zambaccian street to learn the stories of several old houses located in the residential areas formerly known as Filipescu, Bonaparte and Dorobanţi (these areas were divided into lots and sold to rich owners during the interwar period). Reentering the boulevard through Aleea Alexandru, the route keeps on the right side of the main road until its end in the Victoriei Square, close to the starting point. The entire route can be easily grasped if consulting the map presented on this website which also includes the location of the main points of interest.

Measured step by step, adding the time needed to admire and learn the stories of each monument along the route, the entire itinerary takes almost three hours to travel through.

It is then up to each visitor to add the reasonable amount of time needed for visiting the museums along the track. Nevertheless, to raise the visitor’s interest, we presented short descriptions and stories regarding these museums and their valuable exhibits.