Greenmap volunteers

Demeter Dan
The desire for new, the constant search for better ways of doing things makes me what I am. I enjoy socializing, I struggle to become a perfectionist and a professional man. My hobbies are mountain trips, lively debates, violoncello, karate and reading. I became involved in the Green Map project to learn more about teamwork and how to design a project from the scratch. I consider what we have learned from the Green Map project is both useful and interesting. If our project is not to make Bucharest a greener place, it is for sure it made us more responsible towards our city. We learned a lot about map design, we faced the hardships of establishing and coordinating a united team, we got involved not only in office work but also in the field. Personally I learned how to communicate with public authorities and understood that everything in life starts wit a small step. For myself, Green Map was this first step.

Stoian Ştefania-Alexandra
I would define myself as a very sociable and convivial person, I enjoy reading and photography, I trifle with writing. I got involved in the Green Map project because I consider it to be a promising ecological project in full ascension. I learned a lot about teamwork.

Popa Cristian Vladimir
I am resilient, stubborn, I am have a great interest in everything regardig IT, arts, crafts, and origami. I got involved in the Green Map project because I wish to change something in this gloomy city. Involvement in this project taught me that enough will always takes you towards the achievement of your goals.

Paraschiv Ana-Maria
I am open-hearted, sociable, responsible, with sense of humour and broad-minded. My hobbies include travelling, music, reading and open-air strolls. I heard a lot of interesting things about Green Map from my friends and I decided to join the club. I learned how to work in a team. Green Map taught me that if you really want something and strongly believe in it you’ll finally achieve it.

Mudava Raluca Ioana
I have a great passion for architecture. I’m a dreamer, both impulsive and optimistic. I enjoy travelling, photography, paragliding, parachutism, snowboarding, mountain trips and swimming. The Green Map project seemed interesting and with great perspectives. Green Map can bring about lots of good changes for Bucharest. While working in this project I learned many things about self-control and teamwork, I become more sociable and communicative.

Mădălina Maria Florea
I am calm nature, both sociable and joyful, my hobbies are music, drawing and reading. I loved the concept proposed by the Green Map from the very beginning and I decided to get involved in this project. I became more organized, I learned teamwork and how to sustain my point of view during a presentation.

Schiau Bianca
I am a calm person, I like to involve myself in motivating projects. My hobbies are reading, dancing, and travelling. I got involved in the Green Map project as it sounded as very interesting to me. I learned teamwork, I learned how to discover and use the city’s sustainable resources.

Barbu Andreea
I consider myself a joyful person, open to everything new, communicative and creative. My hobbies are music, dancing, sports and travelling. I got involved in the Green Map project because I wish to participate to projects made for the benefit of local people and the environment. I learned a lot about the sustainable resources and how to use them in a sustainable way, I learned teamwork, I gained an increased sense of understanding about the resources the nature offers us for free.

Arina Iacob
I am sociable, casual, hard working, ambitious and broad-minded. My hobbies include snowboarding, walks in the park, and reading. I joined the Green Map team after learning about the concept from my friends. I learned what truly teamwork means, I met lot of interesting people, I enhanced my knowledge about environmnetal protection, local natural and cultural resources, I understood that “green” in not just about parks and public gardens but a whole new attitude and approach regarding the resources of a city.

Niculae George Daniel
I am a calm person, my second nature is seriousness. I am perseverent when following my goals. I have always enjoyed music, good movies and good books. My personal story with the Green Map project was motivated by the will of involvment in a motivational activity which I regarded as an extremely valuable life experience. That gave me the satisfaction I was not a simple viewer in a world revolving around me but a person able to change something. Green Map taught me teamwork, project design, and the importance of delivering arguments to sustain your point of view and ideas.

Chelu Maria Alexandra
I enjoy knowing diverse and bizzare people; I am tolerated, but I hate lack of fair-play. I easily became enthusiastic, but I get bored twice as fast, execept for when I really enjoy something and decide to go on with the work. One of the most notable examples is the Green Map project. My hobbies are reading, swimming, walking and travelling. I took part in the Green Map project because I saw it as an opportunity to change something for my city. Things I have learned? Organization, responsibility, CSR, designing a project, setting goals and establishing the appropiate stages.

Călin Ada
I am a very optimistic person. I am spontaneous, confident and opened to everything new. My hobbies are swimming, reading, and travelling. I got involved in the Green Map project because I felt attreacted by the idea of rediscovering Bucharest, of demonstrating people, and especially Bucharest people the fact that the city deserves being put into value. I became more responsible, I understood the importance of teamwork, I discovered how much I love talking to people, I learned to propose and to present solutions addressing the city’s main challenges and issues.

Bârsan Raluca
I am an organized person, therefore I try to have rigour in my daily activities. I am interested in grasping the real sense of ideas and words with an emphasize on communication and gathering information. My preferences usually gravitate around the desire of noticing, retaining and memorating the details that come into my attention. My hobbies are photography and travelling by bus or by train. I decided to participate in the Green Map project because I believe that everyone can do something good for his or her city and that there is someone telling me again and again: “The Earth is not a heritage from our forefathers; it is a loan from our children.” Green Map taught me how to develop an idea longside with a team and how to act in order to reach our initially stated objectives.

Apostol Bianca
Personal characteristics: involvement, adaptability. I am sociable, even-minded, altruist, calm, creative, with an acute organizational sense. My hobbies are music, drawing, trekking, movies, photography, debates, concerts, open-air strolls. I got involved in the Green Map project to discover and cultivate my abilities and personal competencies. I learned that the answer is the same with the reason for which I got involved: seriousness.

Voinea Mihaela
I am tolerant, calm, always smiling, thoughful, with great love of nature and every being whose soul is not completely dead yet. My hobbies are reading, music, and movies. I got involved in Green Map from the desire to make myself useful helping other people. I have learned how to work in a team and how to be more sociable.

Peta Valentin Adi
I am a sociable, resilient person. I am always ready to learn new things, to do something for the world we live in. My hobbies are reading, internet surfing and photography. I got involved in the Green Map project because I want to participate in doing some good to the people we live among. I have learned teamwork, how to interact with people I did not know, I have rediscovered Bucharest.

Miu Luciana
I do all I can to enjoy life. I love love travelling by train, I enjoy sports, volunteering action, I have a real passion for art. I joined the Green Map team as I consider that was an ambitious and interesting project that should be further developed, a project offering the young people opportunities to involve, to make heard their views and opinions. I have discovered a Bucharest which I hadn’t previously knew, I have learned that a lot of stoicism on all levels is required in order to achieve even the slightest amount of progress.

Manoliu Adrian Victor
I am patient, curious, nostalgic, usually concerned, sometimes indifferent, other times distracted, always eager to know people and learn from them. My hobbies are footbal, geography, mountain trips, driving, theater, English language accents, German pronunciation and articulation, computer programming.
I got involved in the Green Map project to experience teamwork to be close to my friends and to make new friends. I also wanted to learn working with ArcGIS software, to take part in a volunteering action and to try to change the environment in which I live. I have discovered the vast applications of the cartographic software and learned about the ingrate mission of survey operators.

Fronoiu Oana Mădălina
I like to observe, to learn and to know. I am a perfectionist, I have good organizational skills, I am optimistic but rather hectic. I quicly loose my patience in delicate situations. I enjoy music and long strolls. I love children. I got involved in the Green Map project because I wanted to be helpful; I felt attracted by the concept from the very beginning because I was convinced this way I will discover new things. I have learned that Bucharest needs our help and that our team together with the rest of citizens can actually do that. I have also learned how to write press articles and how to be more responsible.

Barbu Ina Hermina
I am calm, optimistic, patient, perseverent, with a keen sense of criticism, even-minded, meticulous, I love nature and peace of mind. I enjoy drawing, dancing, travelling, reading, walking, painting, music. The green and the city have a powerful impact together that worths the effort for being developed, consolidated and promoted. I have learned from the Green Map that people’s needs are various and many times do not resound with our views regarding their needs, therefore the only thing to do is to propose suggestions and directions for the deveopment of the urban habitat.

Bălan Cătălina Mihaela
I am joyful, sociable, and optimistic. My hobbies include reading, movies and walking. I got involved in the Green Map project in order to try together with my colleagues to do some good for the community. I have learned how considerable is the impact of man against nature and the environment.

Ion Lazăr Cristian
I am a long-haired, quite normal teenager. I am the type of man that can be both determined and neglecting. I try to make things going when I can. I like playing the drums, to which I add as hobbies skating and video editing. When I heard for the first time about Green Map I saw the opportunity of doing something with my spare time. I learned how things move in a team, with goods and bads, how to get out of an impas when your deadline in only a few hours away. I have learned how amusing and relaxating are certain activities and how good people really are when you do show them interest and what happens when you don’t.